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Nematron OptiLogic

Nematron OptiLogic

OptiLogic Series - Flexible Modular System for Cost-Effective Ethernet I/O

Nematron’s OptiLogic series is a flexible, modular system, designed to allow the ability to configure an optimal solution for specific application needs. To accomplish this goal, Optimation has developed a series of I/O modules, communications modules, specialty modules and operator panels that can be plugged together in nearly any combination. This datasheet covers the currently available modules that plug into the card cage (RTU base module).

Most OptiLogic modules can be installed in any card cage slot and used in any appropriate combination and quantity* that will fit in the card cage. This applies to all general purpose digital and analog I/O. If an application requires all digital inputs - plug in digital input modules only. If an application requires a mixture of analog and digital input and output - select the mixture that fits the need. Snap together modularity gives the ability to optimize any system for any need.

*Certain power limitations and requirements apply. Please refer to user manuals for details.

System Features Overview:

  • Flexible, modular system
  • 4-slot and 8-slot card cage options (RTUs)
  • Easy snap-together design
  • Mountable on standard DIN rails
  • Optional operator panel interfaces
  • Wide selection of I/O modules available
  • 10BaseT (10 Mbit/s) Ethernet-ready
  • Modbus TCP/IP-capable (OL4228 RTU base only)
  • OLQuickStart software for testing and exercising RTUs
  • OL System Builder software provides an interface between program and RTU
  • Manuals and product guides are available online

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  1. OL-4058

    Opti-Logic Series Distributed I/O and operator Panels

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