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cMT-iV5 CloudHMI Centralised Monitoring Panel

cMT-iV5 - Centralised CloudHMI Monitoring Panel

The cMT-iV5 displays multiple HMI applications from cMT-SVR-100 Modules simultaneously, giving rise to a powerful multi-processing architecture for centralised HMI Application Monitoring over a Distributed Network.  A powerful Cortex A9 1GHz Dual Core processor and 1GB of memory ensures agile performance whilst the elegant but rugged chassis design encloses a 9.7” Capacitive Touch, LED back-lit 1024 x 768 display. High resolution HMI graphics are delivered to the tempered glass screen for a silky smooth touch experience over a 1Gb Ethernet network connection.  The ‘look and feel’ of the cMT-iV5 is aesthetically pleasing, complimenting the iPad implementation of the CloudHMI.  The resident CloudHMI App further supplements iPad familiarity while a pleasing high quality Touch Echo sound enhances the overall User experience. 

The combination of the cMT-SVR-100 + cMT-iV5 augmented with the convenience and portability of an iPad based HMI over Wi-Fi is a compelling solution.


Standard Features of the cMT-SVR-100

  • Project Screen Size 9.7" TFT 1024x748
  • Temper Glass Capacitive Touch Screen
  • LED Back-lighting
  • Cortex A9 Dual Core Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 512MB Flash Memory
  • Built in Speaker
  • Fan-less Chassis

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