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EasyAccess 2.0



Remote Access for your HMI & PLCs 

When remote HMI/PLC equipment requires system maintenance, upgrades, modifications or even worse fails, the costs associated with travel, production and down-time losses can be significant.  Imagine having an Instant Messaging style communication like WhatsApp, SKYPE, MSN, etc.  Simple and easy to use, all that’s needed is to register a User Account, Log-in to the application and hey presto! - instantly communicate with friends wherever they are on-line.

Now EasyView brings EasyAccess 2.0, a communication secure service as easy to use as ‘Instant Messaging’ that does exactly what it say’s on the can - provides easy access to remote HMIs and PLC devices.  

Easy as 1,2,3...

1. Download the EasyAccess2.0 Application to a PC 

2. Execute EasyAccess2.0 and Log-in to the User Account 

3. Select remote device and you have un-restricted access! 

EasyAccess 2.0 provides fully secure remote access via SSL VPN tunnel with access rights tailored to each User.  The SSL VPN mechanism offers a secure communication environment which includes Authentication, Tunnelling, Firewall, and Intrusion Detection to offer protection against viruses, spyware and hacking. Engineers and Operators have the same connectivity to the HMI and PLC as if they were physically on the same site.  Connect to the PLC using the PLC’s Editing Software through the HMI Gateway to diagnose plant control problems or modify/update the PLC Program.

EasyAccess 2.0 is a major development in secure support of remote plant, whether supplementing local technicians or supporting equipment at unmanned locations - avoid costly travel expenses and machine downtime. 

Best of all EasyAccess 2.0 is available for most models, see below:

EasyAccess 2.0 Service - Supported models
˙ MT8000iE-Series, MT8000XE-Series, eMT3000-Series, mTV, and cMT-SVR
˙ MT8000i-Series excluded.

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