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EasyBuilder Pro Development Software

Running under Microsoft Windows the EasyBuilder Pro Development system provides a rich environment to swiftly build applications often mirroring the performance and functionality found in larger scale SCADA Systems.

EasyBuilder Pro allows the developer to quickly build dynamic graphic screens from a multi-function Object Library which includes Switch, Lamp, Numeric & ASCII Data Input and Display, 'Pop-up Windows', function keys for window navigation and Animation, Alarm, Bar Graph, and Trending objects that can be applied up to 2000 graphic screens.  Support for BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG format images enables the user to embellish graphics with photographic quality pictures. 

With support for 150 communication drivers’ including CANopen, BacNET/IP, Modbus, Mitsubishi Medoc and Siemens MPI/PPI multi device connection protocols the PowerVision 3000 Series is an ideal platform for a wide range of applications.  Supporting a network of up to 64 devices by COM, USB, Ethernet and Internet EasyBuilder Pro makes the often complex activity of exchanging data, saving data and inter-operability over the Internet a straight forward task.

Enhanced features include a Recipe Management Object with associated database making it easy to check, search and manage recipe information. 

A Schedule Management function provides convenient execution of a specified process, time interval or triggered event.  Further program customisation is available through a built-in Macro Editor.  Developers can also benefit from the User-defined Macro Library - create a library of frequently used macros for application in different projects in order to shorten project development time.

E-mail notification delivers plant status throughout the enterprise enabling users to quickly focus on problem solving by receiving first hand alarm information & process data or regular statistical information on your mobile device.

An advanced USB based Account Management tool offers run-time password security for up to 128 user accounts with 14 access levels.  A USB Security Key can be used for creating a temporary account for operators to login and operate the HMI.  Remote device operation and management is also supported.

Online and Offline Simulation tools from the development console provide an environment to undertake a high level of debug prior to project deployment.

The Offline and Online Simulation suite of efficient application test tools in EasyBuilder Pro allows the developer to simulate single and multiple device applications from the PC. Additionally, a full control function allows the developer to run multiple simulation screens on a single PC to monitor data from multiple PowerVision units simultaneously.

With Offline Simulation simulate the operation directly on the PC without PowerVision Unit and PLC.                      

With Direct Online Simulation connect the PC to the PLC directly to simulate the operation of a PowerVision unit (10 minute simulation limit).

Once the Application is complete simply download to the PowerVision unit.

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