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Renowned for its individual approach to regional Indian cuisine,  The Chilli Pickle in the heart of Brighton’s Cultural Quarter has become a firm favourite with the city’s discerning food savvy fraternity.  Having travelled extensively in India, owners Alun and Dawn Sperring were intrigued by the diversity and inventiveness of the food available on the move.

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Their research inspired them to open an exciting new venture, The Chilli Pickle Canteen. The menu features regional dishes and perennial favourites made to travel, prepared from specialist ingredients from India as well as the best locally-sourced seasonal produce.

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The Chilli Pickle Canteen is powered by a custom-built logistics system that assures that the delivery service meets the same high standards as the cuisine.  As an online service, the reliability of the ordering system is key. Fundamental operations – from payment capture to delivery dispatching – are carried out in the cloud, meaning that the Canteen can keep running even in the event of a software failure. From a hardware perspective, reliability of the service is assured by the choice of equipment.  The engine of the order scheduling, preparation and delivery system is  a 17.0” XP7102NF chosen from the NemaVision-iPC XP Series. Chosen for its capacity to stand up a hot and bustling kitchen environment, its fan-less design protects the unit from kitchen conditions while its sealed stainless steel chassis makes it easily cleaned. Add in future-proof processing capabilities, and the unit allows the business to be run within shouting distance of the pass, making deliveries from the Chilli Pickle Canteen efficient and integrated.  For Chef Alun Sperring, this allows him to focus on what’s fundamental – the individual care and exacting culinary standards that go into each dish. 

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