New Release - EasyBuilder Pro V5.01.01


New Features

1. Renamed CloudHMI application to cMT Viewer.

2. Added File Browser object.

3. Added Recipe Import/Export object.

4. Added Customized File Handling feature in Screen Hardcopy settings of PLC Control object.

5. Added Display Format setting in Numeric object.

6. Added Time Synchronization setting in System Parameter Settings.

7. Added Macro function INPORT3().

8. Modbus TCP/IP Gateway feature allows using different addresses for read and write operation.


Corrections in this release:

1. Fixed the problem where the HMI may crash when the number of data records reaches the specified [Max. data records] and [Auto. stop] is enabled.

2. Fixed the problem where the PLC address used in Combo Button is incorrectly replaced by Local HMI address when changing the original PLC driver to a new one with the same address mapping.

3. Fixed the problem where negative scales cannot be correctly displayed in Circular Trend Display object.


To download a copy of EasyBuilder Pro V5.01.01 please click here:

..and go to the DOWNLOAD section of our EBPro Product page.