New NV-2160 with Extreme -20°C to 60°C Operating Temperature Range

Weighing in at just over a 1 kilogram and only 140 mm by 246 mm the NV-2160 is barely larger than an A5 Page.  Whilst you're not going to edit a blockbuster movie on it, the 1.86 GHz D2550 Intel Atom Processor delivers an excellent performance for SCADA & HMI Systems, mobile/vehicle applications and general computing.  Particularly worthy of note is the full 80 degrees of operating temperature, ranging from -20°C to 60°C, the NV-2160 is well suited for applications with extreme temperature variation.

An extensive feature set ensures that although physically small it can also support considerable expansion by way of storage, slot and peripheral options.  Two 1Gb Ethernet Ports extend communication options and an HDMI Port offers provision for display on a TV or Industrial Monitor.  The predominantly Cast Aluminium chassis construction, low power consumption and half slim 1.8" Solid State Drive technology ensures that the NV-2160 can be resilient performer in a wide range of environmentally challenging applications.

Altogether a powerful and most useful little package!  

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