Retaining Clamp ensures the USB Stick stays put...!

Whilst we all love the flexibility of the USB Serial Bus, most of us would probably admit to missing the dependable screw connection of the old D-sub Connector for some applications.  As USB memory seemingly increases in capacity and becomes less expensive by the minute so its role as a strategic sub-system becomes more commonplace.


The slide fit of the USB, while convenient, may be considered by some as less than dependable in environments where vibration is a factor.  Furthermore as many PC/HMIs have the I/O plate on the bottom side of the chassis gravity and cable weight can further reduce the connection integrity.  If the application is accessing the USB Memory dynamically for say Recipe Data a lost connection can mean production losses or process downtime.


The simple solution from Weintek to upgrade the integrity comes in the form of a USB Retaining Clamp, shipped free with every unit.  If you want to see how effective it is just visit our YouTube Channel – NemaVisioniPCTV by clicking here.